’’In Ivana Tomaskova’s performance, not only is her technical brilliance notable,
but her sense of style and poetic interpretation, enhances the beauty and expression of her tone’’ ( Rovnost-Czech Republic ,1998),   “…the tonal sophistication, virtuosity and spontaneous musicality…’’(Harmonie n.9/2005 Czech Republic)

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Ivana came from musical family,
her mother was a renowned pianist and her father -violinist and teacher.
Ivana started to play violin when she was 7 years old, at the age of 10,
she played her first solo performance with the orchestra and first recital while she was only 13 years old. Ivana attended the Special School for talented children, then continued her music education at Brno Conservatorium (1977 - 1983) and graduated with the solo performance of Dvorak Violin Concerto with
The Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra.

During her studies
Ivana won 1st prize at the National Competition of the musical schools (1975)
and 2nd prizes at the international radio competition Concertino Praga (1978)
and Kocian Violin Competition.(1979), In Gorizia International competition she received a special prizes for outstanding artistic performance (1988 and 1989).
After the audition with the famous violinist L. Kogan, he recommended her to study at The Tchaikovsky Conservatorium in Moscow.
Ivana started her university studies there in 1983 under the tuition of highly renowned pedagogue M. Glezarova and received her Bachelor of Music
with Honours in 1988. Ivana completed her Master of Music
at Prague Academy during 1989 - 1992.

From 1992, Ivana was persuing her active concert career.
As a soloist, she performed with Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra,
Sonderhausen Philharmonic Orchestra, Czech Chamber Soloist, Brno Rádio Orchestra, Pardubice Chamber Orchestra, Hradec Kralove Symphony Orchestra and she has given concerts in many European countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom)
and in US and South Africa.

Since her arrival to Australia in 2000
Ivana has given Master classes in Brisbane, Sydney, Tamworth, Melbourne
and Singapore and performed with Melbourne Youth Orchestra (Dvorak Violin Concerto), Zelman Symphony (Haydn Concerto), Melbourne Musicians
(Vanhal, Bach, Mozart and Haydn Concertos). After 15 years
of a close collaboration with the pianist Tamara Smolyar
they have established Duo Chamber Melange in 2010.

Ivana started her teaching career
at the Brno Conservatorium, Czech republic. In Melbourne,
she’s been working at Melba Conservatorium , Melbourne Grammar School
and at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at  Monash University.
She is an examiner with AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board).

Ivana is an experienced chamber musician.
She was a member of Trio Belle Époque (Czech Republic - 10 years)
and Trio Vivace (Australia - 6 years) - flute, violin and piano.
For 6 years she was a member of Czech Chamber Soloists - Chamber Orchestra.
There is an ongoing cooperation (for 17 years) with pianist R. Ardasevova
in Czech Republic, and for 15 years with pianist
Tamara Smolyar in Australia